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Marubia W.


Amazing instructors dedicated to the whole child and we have had nothing but positive experience there!! highly recommend this place LOVE IT Love their attitude, compassion, understanding, willingness to help and most of all the true genuine care that goes into the instruction, starting from Master Cadu, Master Gabi and the rest of the incredible dedicated staff!!

We may try sports and lots of other things but will hopefully never stop bringing our son here, until he decides different. we are hoping for a long term relationship and have already been there 2yrs!!

Kelly B.


Respectful, professional and fun. But please, don’t take my word for it.  Try it for yourself!
Meggin H.

5.0 star rating 8/11/2014
This was the best thing we have done for our son. He was having a hard time in school and was to rough with other kids. After putting him in the jjf he is a kind and respectful kid. They are amazing and positive. We are blessed to have found master cadu and master gabby. Thank you!!!

Tavis M.


The Jiu Jitsu Foundation is an amazing place to train and be around good people.
Academy = clean , organized , comfortable.

Instructors = intelligent , caring , talented , top level

students = skilled , inviting , humble

This Academy is a great place and any city , and or town would be lucky to have them.  Good news is we get them all to ourselves right here in La Mesa !!

I literally signed up for a yelp account to support this group , because they deserve it.

Gaby & Cadu are not just great instructors but they are really really good people that i would trust with anything.

Art J.


The Jiu Jitsu Foundation was literally the first martial arts academy I committed to from the  various dojos/gyms sprawled out over San Diego County. Cadu and Gaby are very committed to excellence from each of their students and its seen through their consistency and dedication along with passion for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Carlos “Cadu” Francis is very honed in when it comes to teaching even to the finest detail  and his wife Gabi, is the perfect compliment with her style of instruction and her vast fitness knowledge.
San Diego is a great hub for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Every studio seems to  have the same elements when it comes to the amenities, competition levels, and training. What sets JJF apart from the rest is the camaraderie, enthusiasm and upbeat family vibe you will feel immediately as soon as you step onto that mat, whether your a day one white belt or a accomplished black belt. OSSS!

Patrick G.


I have trained with Cadu since 2008. He has always been a thoughtful teacher. You don’t just get world class instruction, but insightful criticism and a personal and friendly approach to “The Gentle Art”. He and Gabriela have made a fun, welcoming, family environment, appropriate for all age levels and abilities. This is also reflected in the students, who are very helpful and approachable, regardless of your experience level.

The facilities are very clean and project the professional environment that Cadu and Gabbi have worked hard to build. The mats are professional grade, built over a floating floor to absorb impact and always clean. The shower and locker room area are always in great condition and have ample storage space. Jiu Jitsu Foundation also provides various supplies needed for Jiu Jitsu including Gis, mouthpieces, t-shirts and hats; all at competitive prices. I would strongly recommend buying your training equipment through them as the value and quality of their gear surpasses the stores around town.

The big difference between training here and at any average martial arts academy is that if you train at Jiu Jitsu Foundation, you will truly learn  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Many martial arts academies “award” higher belts to keep your business, instead of awarding you on what you actually learn. That is not only irresponsible business, but can be dangerous for students who believe they are more advanced than they are. When you earn a new stripe or a higher belt at Jiu Jistu Foundation, it is because you have genuinely earned it and have advanced as a student. This is where your hard-earned money actually goes far and it is thanks to the honest, helpful training of Cadu and Gabi. I cannot stress that enough. This is genuine training and while many dojos claim that, few prove it the way Jiu Jitsu Foundation does.

Come to Jiu Jitsu Foundation to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and you will receive world class training, fun physical fitness and a great family environment that will motivate you beyond your expectations.

Patrick C.


San Diego’s rich Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu scene has a new gem in the east county.  Situated in the heart of La Mesa, Jiu-Jitsu Foundation provides a focused but friendly setting for men, women, and children of varying backgrounds to learn the gentle art.  It is run by Cadu and Gabi Francis, husband-and-wife black belts from solid lineages with superb competition and teaching resumes.
After nearly two years of training under Cadu, I found him to be the consummate teacher.  His instruction is articulate, precise, and demanding, yet somehow finds a relaxed delivery.  Honestly, he’s one of those people who can seemingly teach anyone about anything.  So whatever it is you’re looking for within jiu-jitsu, be it competitive success, self-defense, or fitness, he can certainly help you find it.
Gabi adds her own dimension to the Foundation, primarily as a fitness expert.  Lately, I’ve been seeking and applying her advice with promising results.  But she’s also been an invaluable guide to our female training partners.

The kids really seem enjoy themselves like crazy during their classes.

The academy itself provides ample rolling room featuring spring-loaded Zebra mats, along with free weights, random exercise gizmos, and even a Pilates reformer.  There are also changing rooms and showers.  Everything is immaculately clean and figures to stay that way.

JF is easily accessible, being within a mile from the La Mesa Blvd. trolley station and the 8 and 125 freeways.  A bus stop for Route 1 is also in front of the academy.

Best of all, there’s definitely a family atmosphere over here.  I can’t ask for better training partners.
This is where I set my Foundation.

Marjorie M.


My son has been going to JJF for about 2 months now and he absolutely loves it!  He has always been shy and we wanted to give him an opportunity to learn confidence, self discipline, and how to learn to protect himself from potential bullies.  In such a short time we have noticed how much confidence he has gained and how enthusiastic he has become with the sport.
Master Gabi, Master Cadu, and all of the staff are very sweet with the kids and very patient.  They always make the class fun and the techniques are broken down so it is easy for the kids to understand and practice.
We absolutely love the ideologies of helping at home, being good at school, and always working hard.  These are principles that I know my son will carry with him anywhere he goes.  Amazing school to be in!!!!!!

Gary L.



The Jiu Jitsu Foundation is the perfect place to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Head instructor Professor Cadu Francis is simply the best teacher you will find anywhere. Professor Gabriela Francis is also on the mat during classes, providing expert assistance. The student-teacher ratio is low and assistance is never far away.

JJF has a friendly, collegial environment that is conducive to learning. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a 3 dimensional game of chess that burns 800 calories per hour.

Five stars. Osss.

Ryan B.


Started with signing up my son to get confidence and balance. He has learned so much more. His in school focus is better. Daughter was signed up later, and it has helped her with overall fitness and confidence. These are the best instructors.

Tim F.


I have been training at JJF for a little over 2 months now and absolutely love it.  Cadu and Gabi are great teachers and really great people all around. Their facility is clean and new and everyone that trains there is really cool and helpful.

I had been kind of apprehensive about starting a jiu jitsu program because some of the other academies out there are sort of intimidating and seem to have goals seperate from mine. I’m really impressed with how friendly and nurturing JJF is with the students and how the students are patient and helpful with me.

The schedule works out perfectly for me as I work nights. They have classes that can fit anyone’s schedule. Coming in for a class before work really helps me get ready for my day. When I first started, I felt pretty beat up after class but that is starting to go away the more I go. Being a surfer I felt I was in pretty good shape, but now I realize that wasn’t true. I look forward to being able to participate more and achieving my goals at JJF

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