KIDS 4-7

Preparation to Succeed

Our Little Champs program was designed to help your child succeed in school and at home. We’ve put together a fantastic program geared specifically for the developmental needs of children ages 4 to 7 to help them reach success at any age.

Improved Attention Span

Over time, children can develop a bad habit of letting their eyes wander while someone is talking to them. If never corrected, this can hurt a child’s ability to concentrate in school, at home and eventually at work. Looking in the eyes is one of the most basic skills we teach our students. Your child will learn to always look in the eyes when someone is talking to her. 

First-time-listening is another important skill our students are taught. Students learn to practice only having to be told once to do something by an instructor.

Improved Social Skills

Our classes are structured to allow students to socially interact with each other. While learning in a safe environment, your child will perform non-contact group drills with other students in the class.

Improved Motor Skills

At this age your child’s basic balance, agility, and coordination are still being developed. Your child will become more successful in martial arts and other physical activities as he develops and refines his motor skills while learning fundamental martial arts techniques.

Life Skills

Successful life skills and habits take practice, time and energy to develop. Jiu Jitsu Foundation instructors teach weekly life skills lessons. Students learn better if they are learning and having fun at the same time.

All of our students get the personalized instruction they will need to advance through our low student/teacher ratios.


Safe, clean and sanitary learning environment

Our school is professionally cleaned every evening to maintain a clean and sanitary environment for our students to train in. We understand how important this is to our students and their parents.