Jenina R.


This place is the best hands down. My son absolutely loves it here and he’s learning so much.  the coaches are amazing (especially coach panda) and I couldn’t have chosen a better fit for my son. If you’re indecisive about which Jit Jitsu class to put your son in, they do a FREE evaluation on your child and you can go from there. Highly recommend this place!

Patricia L.


I am so impressed with how good this place is, it feels like family! Instructors are so awesome! The way the class is helps our kids grow so much in many areas of their physical, psychological and social aspects. I am very thankful for this for my daughter.

Alicia K.


We have been apart of this family for a little over a year and we couldn’t be happier with our experience. I love that they let each student grow and develop at their own pace. All the teacher are sweet and genuinely care. They don’t pressure the student to learn but to have fun and later embrace the love for jiujitsu. Our sweet gentle giant, Josiah has become more confident and outgoing among many other things.
We love our JJF family !

Colin R.


It is rare to find any type of business that truly deserves more than 5 stars but this it is. JJF has had such a remarkable impact on the physical and mental development of my 6-year-old son. I am continually in awe at the quality of both the mentorship and engagement the instructors afford the kids.

I simply cannot recommend this place enough. This is top to bottom an A+ organization. Master Gabi is perhaps the most gifted instructor of children I have ever seen. She gracefully straddles that fine line between friend and authority, firm and playful, focused and fun You couldn’t ask for a better environment for a child to learn martial arts.

Adam T.


This place is amazing! I am only in my first month of Jiu Jitsu and I am astounded by the amount of fun I am having and the amount I am learning. Master Cadu teaches in a very detailed, tactile and visual manner, breaking the movements down step by step while explaining the tiny details that help students to visualize what to do with our bodies.

I must also commend the culture they have here. I am welcomed, as a white belt (I’m talking bleach white) into a room of fellow beginners, intermediates, experts and masters in the art as apart of the crew. Everyone, from white belt to black belt, is humble and respectful, ready to learn together.

The classes are engaging, fun, and take a lot of physical and mental energy! I love the fact that mental awareness is paramount to the purpose of each movement learned. I recommend this school, hands down.

Elizabeth W.


The Jiu Jitsu Foundation has amazing instructors that not only teach martial art skills, but life lessons as well. They handle all the students with such patience and care. It’s clear they truly care about everyone that walks in