Teens 13 – 17

Personal Growth & Achievement Improved Mental Focus

Self-defense involves more than just physical skills. The practice of martial arts will help you gain physical, mental, and emotional self-defense skills.

You will soon notice:


At Jiu Jitsu Foundation, we attempt to respect the past while embracing the present. Our techniques originated from Gracie Jiu Jitsu. While some of our curriculum has been adapted to better fit the self-defense needs of today, you will be practicing martial arts techniques that have been passed down for hundreds of years.

Learning Environment

Classes divided by skill level. We subdivide our teen and adult classes classes into smaller groups to focus on the specific needs of beginner, intermediate and advanced students. This allows students to train at the appropriate level for constant improvement.

Mental Self-Defense

As you continue to progress through the belt system at Jiu Jitsu Foundation, you learn how to be aware but not on-guard. You are taught and prepared to react to situations, not to look for them.

Respect for Others, by Others

You will learn a great level of respect for your instructors as well as your other students as you train under professional martial artists. As you progress through the rankings you will also begin to notice how other students begin to deepen their respect for you.