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Bullyproof Seminar at Jiu Jitsu Foundation

Bully Prevention in La MesaWith bullying steadily increasing, it is becoming more important than ever to find ways to prevent or combat this issue. For Jiu Jitsu Foundation owners, Master Cadu Francis and Master Gabi Francis, the role of martial arts in making this happen is key. To help drive this point home, this La Mesa martial arts school owners have an eBook release “How to Empower Your Child through Martial Arts” and have hosted events such as their recent, free bully prevention seminar meant to help kids get some basic training.

This Saturday, June 30th, Jiu Jitsu Foundation hosted a FREE Bullyproof seminar with Master Cadu and Master Gabi Francis. There were over thirty students present and willing to understand more about this very delicate subject. The course covered the psychology of bullying (why do bullies bully), action steps in case you are verbally attacked and confidence building scenarios that boosted the kids self-confidence.
Martial Arts is the foundation of a kids confidence against a bully. Just by knowing that they can defend themselves against a larger opponent, they already have a greater confidence to look the bully in the eye and tell him to stop bugging him.

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