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Jiu Jitsu Foundation Graduation Ceremony | La Mesa, CA

March 2012 Kids Graduation Ceremony

March 3rd 2012 we had our first Kids Graduation Ceremony at Jiu Jitsu Foundation. Thirty students attended this day to celebrate with family and friends who filled the Dojo with their support and positive energy. The first generation of new belts were handed out along with some stripes. All the students have shown improvements on the mat, as well as at home and at school.

We are proud of our students for their hard work and persistence. Jiu Jitsu Foundation’s instructors were excited to see all the students experience an official graduation for the first time. The ceremony allowed the students to be recognized for their dedication and ambition to reach their goals. Now the students further understand the belt system and the responsibility that comes with a new belt. We hope that the students take all the lessons we teach them on the mat and apply them to other parts of their life to be better individuals.
Click on the link to see the graduation video ceremony. Share with your friends and family!

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