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Jiu Jitsu in La Mesa for Teens

Jiu Jitsu for TeensJiu Jitsu Foundation has added an adolescent class to the Kids Martial Arts in La Mesa program. We believe that the Jiu Jitsu  philosophy can benefit adolescents who are battling to discover the person they will be. It is not uncommon that a teenager suffers from being confused, disrespectful, or insecure; however, with the right instructors, a teenager will be on their way to becoming a responsible and respectful adult.

Here at Jiu Jitsu Foundation, Master Cadu and Master Gabi are the best role models for any adolescent. Both of them already have worked with  many teenagers in the past and have guided them to apply the lessons they learned in Jiu Jitsu to other aspects of their life. Come experience Jiu Jitsu in La Mesa! Come build a bridge for your teenager’s future!

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