La Mesa Jiu Jitsu Foundation Shines at American Nationals

american jiu jitusu nationalsThis past Saturday and Sunday, Master Cadu the Jiu Jitsu Foundation’s Gold Team competed in the Jiu Jitsu American Nationals. Not only did Master Cadu coach his students but he also won Gold in his division and the Open class.

His matches were a beautiful display of the effectiveness of techniques taught at Jiu Jitsu Foundation. As a team, Jiu Jitsu Foundation had a successful day. Starting with the rising star, Jesus Galvan, who became a National Champion for the first time as a purple belt. Another awesome performance, was made by Rob Poling winning third place in his division and in the open class. In the blue belts, Rob Denton, Greg Cortez, and Gary LaTorraca left their heart on the mat and won gold  medals for Jiu Jitsu Foundation. Rob Denton also took his place on the podium as a silver medalist in the open class. Enrique Silva, came up short one match but won the Silver. Also, Aaron Freidenberg fought well with his efficient and mellow style to win the bronze. Raymond  Jackson, Ray Bonander, and Erik Reis left their heart out on the mat and will surely medal next tournament. Congratulations to all the competitors and thank you to all who came up to support the team. Together, we make Jiu Jitsu Foundation the best school of Jiu Jitsu in La Mesa.

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