Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Las Vegas Open

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Las Vegas OpenThis last weekend Jesus Galvan, Aaron Freidenberg, Patrick Crescini, Rob Denton represented  Jiu Jitsu Foundation Gold Team and competed with heart at the Jiu Jitsu Las Vegas Open. The competitors displayed that the Jiu Jitsu in La Mesa is at a high level because of JJF. Congratulations to Aaron who won a spot at the podium with a bronze medal.

Jesus, fighting for the first time as a purple belt, almost submitted his opponent but came short according to the referees decisions; however, the match ended in an applause for both athletes for their display of proficient technique.   Moreover, Patrick and Rob won challenging matches but some small errors cost them the podium. Congratulation to four athletes who fought with heart and respect.
[youtube_sc url=http://youtu.be/cZACY6SytcM width=570]

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