Jiu Jitsu Foundation in La Mesa Patch

Jiu Jitsu master Cadu Francis recalls the day he beat his longtime opponent Fabio Leopoldo. It was their fourth match when they met at the 2009 Pan American Tournament, and Francis was down by one defeat.

“It’s just the feeling that all the hard work had paid off,” Francis said of his moment of victory.
Flash forward a couple of years and now he’s celebrating another win―the opening of Jiu Jitsu Foundation , the martial arts studio he owns with his wife, Gabriela.
The Brazilian-born Francis taught in various parts of the world before moving to San Diego and deciding to put down roots. He opened up shop on La Mesa Boulevard because he wanted to make his studio easily accessible to East County residents.
It took Francis eight years to receive his black belt―the norm, he says, as the belt ranking system for Jiu Jitsu is not as fast as other martial arts.
“The most important thing that made me get where I am is being passionate about the sport and having a desire for improvement,” he says. “Even before I had a black belt, I was always willing to teach people.”
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