” San Diego’s rich Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu scene has a new gem in the east county.  Situated in the heart of La Mesa, Jiu-Jitsu Foundation provides a focused but friendly setting for men, women, and children of varying backgrounds to learn the gentle art.  It is run by Cadu and Gabi Francis, husband-and-wife black belts from solid lineages with superb competition and teaching resumes.

After nearly two years of training under Cadu, I found him to be the consummate teacher.  His instruction is articulate, precise, and demanding, yet somehow finds a relaxed delivery.  Honestly, he’s one of those people who can seemingly teach anyone about anything.  So whatever it is you’re looking for within jiu-jitsu, be it competitive success, self-defense, or fitness, he can certainly help you find it.
Gabi adds her own dimension to the Foundation, primarily as a fitness expert.  Lately, I’ve been seeking and applying her advice with promising results.  But she’s also been an invaluable guide to our female training partners.
The kids really seem enjoy themselves like crazy during their classes.
The academy itself provides ample rolling room featuring spring-loaded Zebra mats, along with free weights, random exercise gizmos, and even a Pilates reformer.  There are also changing rooms and showers.  Everything is immaculately clean and figures to stay that way.
JJF is easily accessible, being within a mile from the La Mesa Blvd. trolley station and the 8 and 125 freeways.  A bus stop for Route 1 is also in front of the academy.
Best of all, there’s definitely a family atmosphere over here.  I can’t ask for better training partners.
This is where I set my Foundation.”
Patrick C.

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