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Women Martial Arts – Getting Fit & Staying Safe

Women's martial artsWhen it comes to martial arts, women are often times more hesitant to get involved. Martial arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu have become increasingly popular over the recent years, but this has also caused there to be some incorrect preconceived notions about these forms of martial arts. Unfortunately, this has caused some potential students to write off the possibility of taking martial arts training. This has especially affected females, kids or practically anyone who has not yet taken a class in martial arts.

The thing to keep in mind is that not everyone who takes martial arts or BJJ training has to do so to become a competitor. While the world of UFC fighting and similar markets has made BJJ popular for competitors, the majority of those who train do not go on to compete. Even if you have the desire to learn BJJ just for health or defense reasons, you are in it for the right reasons. It is also important to stress that, women getting involved with BJJ can see as great results as anyone training.
Getting Fit with BJJ
Training with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can help women get in shape with greater ease. By being involved with something that is actually fun and interesting, women students are more likely to stick with their training as opposed to continuing to use their gym membership. Another great fitness benefit for women taking BJJ classes is that this really is a great way to get total body fitness. Other classes or trying to weight lift at a gym often neglects certain parts of the body. With BJJ, students really do get all over body toning and shaping. Of course there are more reasons to take martial arts classes for women than getting fit to improve one’s physical appearance.
Staying Safe with BJJ Training
For a woman, being able to defend yourself against a potential assailant is a crucial ability to have. Even for those who may carry mace or even a handgun, there is never a guarantee you will be able to reach a weapon. Also, being just physically strong does not always equate being able to actually defend yourself. Lifting weights is not the same as learning potentially lifesaving martial arts self-defense maneuvers.
Taking advantage of the 30 day free trial membership at Jiu Jitsu Foundation is just the beginning to changing your life. Use martial arts to help get in the shape you have always wanted to be in, while also gaining the knowledge and techniques you need to defend yourself on the streets. Stop by and meet our friendly staff and gain some insight from our mixed level student base. Any one of our world-class competitors to beginning level students will be glad to share with you what their training at Jiu Jitsu Foundation has done to improve their lives.

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