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La Mesa Jiu Jitsu Foundation Students of March

Every month,  Jiu Jitsu Foundation  awards The Student of the Month title. This March, the recognition goes to…
Gabriel Argimon has been training with Jiu Jitsu Foundation since February; he has shown great improvement on the mat, he never quits and consistently comes to training.
Ben always pays attention on the mat, is respectful to others, and is a fast learner. Ben also demonstrates what a good training partner is; something we are always reminding all the students to do.

Student of the Month Awards are based on level of performance and attitude in class. Students must have good attendance, must improve technically and above all must demonstrate a positive attitude and good behavior.
As La Mesa’s premier BJJ program for men, women and children we feel that this type of recognition is important in fostering self confidence and improving performance in our students. These young boys and girls are great examples of what it means to be a good student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It is our hope that each and everyone of our students would display the characteristics necessary to become a student of the month and be awarded this great honor.

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