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Jiu Jitsu in El Cajon Expand Program

 Jiu Jitsu in El Cajon and Self Defense Skills

The premier school for Jiu Jitsu in El Cajon expanded the kids program to two more days a week. Since  April 2012, we have been offering classes on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:30pm. The kids program classes focus on delivering self defense skills, confidence and self esteem on a controlled and fun environment.

Jiu Jitsu Foundation ranking system awards a practitioner different colored belts (worn as part of the uniform) to signify increasing levels of technical knowledge and practical skill. Before a practitioner is ready to get a new belt they have to achieve 4 stripes. Next Wednesday we have the first stripe test for our new group of students, and the kids have been looking forward to getting their stripes. We hope they do well on their testing and continue  their journey on learning Jiu Jitsu in El Cajon. 
The Kids Jiu Jitsu program is from Mondays -Thursdays after school, you can see our schedule HERE for the class times. Come and see for yourself the best Jiu Jitsu in El Cajon area.

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