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Learning What Exactly BJJ Is & Who It Is Good for

By JJF | In News | on February 4, 2012

The term BJJ gets thrown around a lot, but for those who are not already training in this form of martial arts, it may not have much meaning. The thing is the little bit that people think they know may not even be correct. While we are certainly proud to have world-class competitors among our student base at Jiu Jitsu Foundation, we are just as thrilled to have our beginning students taking that first step towards getting trained in BJJ.

As husband and wife co-owners of this studio who have earned our own way up to ranking as world class black belts, we love seeing each and every individual student’s journey with BJJ. For that reason, we want others to have more insight into BJJ and who can benefit from it. We also encourage anyone with questions or an interest in learning more to come by the studio and see for yourself what the family friendly environment really is like.

BJJ – The Basics

BJJ is the common acronym for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, is a form of martial arts training used for combat, competition or defense. One of the advantages of BJJ over other forms of martial arts is that students learn how to defend themselves from a standing position or supine position. This is more useful in instances when someone is at the disadvantage of being knocked to the ground.

There are many techniques involved in the actual training including the terms grappling, submission, tapping and sparring. These are better to learn as you go and have actual hands on experience. During training you are partnered with someone always, which helps you learn as well as improve. Very few other types of physical training approaches offer you the ability to have a more personal training experience without having to pay dearly for it.

Who Is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Good for?

The good news is that, there is no certain ‘type’ that fits the mold for what a BJJ student looks like or should be like. Aside from being cautious about existing health or medical conditions, almost anyone can be a student of BJJ. Men, women and children of all ages can participate in and benefit from this type of martial arts training. Younger kids often develop quickly and can move through the belt ranks in order to ward off bullies.

Men and women of all ages use BJJ for fitness as well as self-defense techniques. Even more mature age groups benefit from the cardio and strength training they receive from taking Jiu Jitsu classes. So, when it comes to relying on the experts to learn the techniques of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the La Mesa area, who better to trust than Brazilian born black belts who have their students’ best interest at heart. Stop by to meet our friendly staff and get acquainted with the studio and other students you will soon be training beside.

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