Top 3 Reasons for Kids to Learn Martial Arts

Stop Bullying
Deciding to get your child enrolled in martial arts can be an important decision to make. Some parents ponder this because their child has directly requested to take martial arts classes. Other parents actuallywant to enroll their children based on what they have read, learned or heard from other parents. Thebottom line, though, is that it all depends how you feel about your own child taking martial arts.
Any parent is going to be concerned about their child starting a new physical activity, even thoughthere are plenty of benefits from taking martial arts. In fact, even parents who have taken martial artsthemselves may still have some reservations about getting their child enrolled in these types of classes.Although the list of reasons kids should be taking martial arts is long, here are the top three to give yousomething to think about.

# 1 — Bully Prevention
Whether or not your child is presently being bullied, the potential is always there. Bullying hasbecome a huge problem for kids of all ages and the results can be everlasting. When your childbegins to take martial arts classes, he or she will almost immediately notice a difference. Whena child is physically and mentally prepared to defend themselves against a bully, confidencelevels soar. This fact alone is part of what can help prevent a child from being bullied.

# 2 — Physical Fitness
It has become increasingly challenging to keep kids getting the level of physical activity they need to stay healthy. With childhood obesity continuing to rise, it is now more important than ever to get your children involved with an activity that keeps them getting physical fitness on a regular and continuous basis. This type of activity is what helps set a child up with a lifelong interest in and commitment to physical fitness. Help your children lose weight, get in shape orjust stay at their current level with martial arts.

# 3 — Self-confidence
One of the most important traits you can help your children build is their self-esteem. Martial arts helps kids increase their level of self-confidence. Knowing they can defend themselvesagainst bullies, ward off threats and be in good physical shape means improved self-confidence.Not to mention, setting goals for reaching different belt levels is another method that can helpimprove self-esteem. When your child has an ongoing goal to work towards for martial arts,each achievement is another elevated level of self-esteem.
It is natural to have questions about whether or not martial arts is right for your child. That is why we at Jiu Jitsu Foundation encourage parents to come by with their little ones to have a look around. Meet thefriendly staff, tour the family friendly atmosphere and get a feel for how martial arts can help improve your child’s life. Who knows, you may even want to join them.
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