Ninja Night at Jiu Jitsu Foundation

Ninja Night Sept 2012Here at Jiu Jitsu Foundation we are serious about teaching our kids self defense and life morals; however, we also believe in having fun. This past Saturday night, we had thirty of our kids come dressed as ninjas!

We started off the night with training our ninja rolls on the brand new crash pad. All the kids imitated their favorite ninja charters as they jumped and hurdled through the air onto the crash pad. Shortly after,when the little ninjas had empty stomachs, we gave pizza that would have left the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ mouths  watering. After our Ninja Turtle dinner, it was time to test our little ninja’s skills with the “shinai” , a Japanese bamboo practice sword, against the Piñata that was stuffed with a delicious verity of candy. When the night was close to ending, we decided to give out prizes to the ninjas for their good behavior and being such good ninjas. This night was not only full of ninjas and excitement but it also benefited the kids as they came closer together as a family. Here at Jiu Jitsu foundation we train  together diligently but we also have fun as family.

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