Get in shape with Jiu Jitsu in La Mesa

Juan gets in shapeThe summer is over, however that is no excuse to work on getting those wash board abs! If you are interested in martial arts and are tired of giving away money to gyms just to use a treadmill, do not hesitate to sign up at Jiu Jitsu Foundation. 

Master Cadu and Master Gabi will take you on a life long journey through the world of Jiu Jitsu. Anyone can walk this journey whether you are old, small, weak, or shy. All you need is an open mind and a positive attitude; with these two qualities, Jiu Jitsu will change your life forever. Once you begin your journey, weight loss and a gain in muscle are common results with many students from the physical demand of the training. Moreover, your concerns of getting enough cardio will be forgotten after one class with the intense conditioning and sparring. Finally, not only are you receiving a full body workout but you are learning how to defend yourself on the street. Come change your life with Jiu Jitsu in La mesa.

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